Catalogue entries across time

This chart lists only the compositions that are attested in more than one period.
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        Diatribes against women
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDDidactic compositions
        Counsels of wisdom
       The instructions of Šuruppag
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDDivine hymns
        A tigi to Nintur (Nintur A)
        A hymn to Inana (Inana C)
        A hymn to Ninurta with ethical instructions
         A hymn to Nisaba (Nisaba A)
         A hymn to a deity
        Ninisina's journey to Nibru: a šir-namšub to Ninisina (Ninisina C)
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDDivine narratives
        Enki and Ninmaḫ
       Enlil and Ninlil
       Enlil and Sud
        Inana and An
        Inana's descent to the nether world
     Ninurta's exploits: a šir-sud (?) to Ninurta
      Ninurta's return to Nibru: a šir-gida to Ninurta
       The creation of mankind
         The fields of Ninurta
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDHeroic narratives
        Lugalbanda and the Anzud bird
         Lugalbanda in the mountain cave
         Laws of Ur-Namma
      Letter from a king to the god Utu
        Letter from Šulgi to Puzur-Šulgi about the fortress Igi-ḫursaĝa
       Letter from Lugal-ibila to Lugal-nesaĝ
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDLiterary enumerations
       Tribute list
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDLu-diĝira compositions
        The message of Lu-diĝira to his mother
        Proverb collection 7
        Proverbs (VAT 10251 etc.)
        Proverbs (VAT 10810 etc.)
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDReflective compositions
       The poem of early rulers
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDRoyal hymns
        A tigi to Enlil for Ur-Namma (Ur-Namma B)
        A fragmentary praise poem of Ḫammu-rābi
        A hymn to Nisaba for Išbi-Erra (Išbi-Erra E)
         A praise poem of Šulgi
         A praise poem of Šulgi (Šulgi A)
        A praise poem of Lipit-Eštar (Lipit-Eštar A)
        Lipit-Eštar and the plough (Lipit-Eštar F)
        The instructions of Ur-Ninurta (Ur-Ninurta G)
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDRoyal narratives
         The Sumerian king list
         The cursing of Agade
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDSchool stories
        Instructions of a scholar (E-dub-ba-a E)
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDShort tales
       A tale of a fowler
       Enlil and Nam-zid-tara
        The fowler and his wife
        The three ox-drivers from Adab
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDTemple hymns
        The Keš temple hymn
         The temple hymns
Urk3PSrgSrgUr3OBMBNANBLBUNDTypes of song
       The song of the ploghing oxen: an ululumama to Ninurta
        BM 134793 etc. (Untitled composition)

Urk3: Uruk III (c. 3200-3000 BC)
PSrg: Pre-Sargonic (c. 2800-2350 BC)
Srg: Sargonic (c. 2350-2200 BC)
Ur3: Ur III (c. 2200-2000 BC)
OB: Old Babylonian (c. 2000-1600 BC)
MB: Middle Babylonian (c. 1500-1000 BC)
NA: Neo-Assyrian (c. 900-612 BC)
NB: Neo-Babylonian (c. 1000-539 BC)
LB: Late Babylonian (c. 539-85 BC)
UND: Undetermined